Retrogasm 2018 - Auron WIP 1

General / 16 April 2018

Blocking out the key elements especially the boots. Nothing much to show here as I am just adding in the essential shapes. The shoulder piece might be a challenge so I might make a post about that.


Let's do Retrogasm!

General / 13 April 2018

Putting all personal projects on hold, it's #Retrogasm2018 baby!

Didn't join the last one so I hope I can finish this one. For my character, I chose Sir Auron from Final Fantasy X, Arguably the most badass character in the franchise.

My goal here is to get this guy to FFXV fidelity and finally do proper AAA hair. The faces in FFXV (especially Kingsglaive) were a complete departure from the traditional Final Fantasy style. They've gotten more 'unique' and grounded, almost like people in cosplay so I want this piece to reflect that.

I wanted to get the face right first off, so I gathered a bunch of reference of actors/sculpts that would fit the bill without losing his vibe.

Sculpts from bottom left to right: Fibermesh Experiments by Rodrigo Branco , Haohmaru by Tushar Dobriyal

That's it for now. For those who haven't heard, you can check out the Facebook Group and view other entries or join in as well!

Thanks for viewing, Cheers!



Happy Holidays!

General / 25 December 2017
I think you can guess what I did for the holidays. Couldn't resist.

Did some proportion tweaks and detailed out her uniform. Up next: hair.

Body and Clothes Block-in

General / 21 December 2017

Might have to stop here and continue on some client work. Hope I can get back to this soon! I'm also starting to try out new ways to handle multiple projects so I can get more done! Onwards to 2018!

Mandatory anatomy shot... taking cues from Nier: Automata's 2B

I think it's about time

General / 17 December 2017
Guess this is a good time to test the new blog feature and debut my latest personal WIP...